Frequently asked questions

How long does the course take? This mini course will take between one and two hours to complete depending on how much you follow the links to the recommended further reading, viewing and listening. 

Do I need to purchase a copy of Learn, Enjoy, Flow and Grow to take this course? No, there is no requirement to purchase a copy of the book but you will find the content of the book compliments the topics covered and explores these areas more deeply. And the book itself has lots of links to other sources and a comprehensive references section for each chapter. 

Does it matter if I buy the physical book or the ebook? Both print and ebook versions of the book are exactly the same. The only difference is that the ePub version has a hyperlinked index whereas the MOBI version (Amazon Kindle) does not. If you purchase the ePub version directly from the Derek Tate Coaching online store it can be used with any eReader (Apple, Kobo, Nook etc.).

Do you provide transcripts for the video presentations? For video presentations without power point slides a transcript is provided. For all screencasts (video presentation of the power point slides) there is no transcript however, the slides are made available for download as a reminder of the material covered.

Do you run any interactive Zoom discussions? Yes, I run live workshops and masterclasses via Zoom on selected dates. More info available on

How much do the Zoom events cost? The workshops and masterclasses cost 60€ per event with early bird price at 50€.

Is this course recognised as Continued Professional Development (CPD)? No, these courses are not officially recognised for CPD but the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy are a registered provider with The CPD Accreditation Group number: 778255. As such many employers and National Governing Bodies (NGB) of sport may recognise these courses for external CPD credit.

Additional questions? Email me at [email protected]

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